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Message From Chairman
As a forward — thinking and academically ambitious school, with a strong international dimension, Janmitram SPS Memorial School strives for an innovative and imaginative academic curriculum. Our academic life is complemented by attentive pastoral care and full and wide ranging co-curricular programmes.

Its main motto is to impart quality education to the children of backward areas of Raigarh in memory of Late Shri S.P.Singh. It has come up to inspire the quality of humanity such as kindness, citizenship, brotherhood etc.

We give such education to its students which make them a complete man, self-sufficient, and a responsible citizen of India.

The special aims and objectives of Janmitram SPS Memorial School:
  • To impart education to all in an atmosphere of discipline and Indian culture with special emphasis on character building.
  • To impart value education, co-curricular activities, cultural activities.
  • To develop the quality of a good human being like self-respect, respect for parents and elders.
  • To gain awareness and to maintain environmental purity and ecological harmony.
Latent abilities are like clay it can be mud on shoes, brick in a building or a statue, that will inspire all who see it, the clay is same The result is dependent on how it is used.