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Leave Application
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  1. Students are expected to be regular and punctual to school.
  2. Students reporting late for third time in a month will be marked absent. The students not conforming to this will be directed to the principal Room. Here under the supervision of a teacher, they will carry out academic enrichment work as given by their subject teachers.
  3. Absenting oneself from a lesson or leaving the school without the permission of the authorities is a serious offence. It should be avoided at all times. Students in uniform are not expected to visit any other places during school timings.
  4. Mass absenteeism before any examination must be avoided. If a students is unable to produce a valid medical certificate for being absent on such an occasion, he / she will not be allowed to write the examination at the stipulated time.
  5. Every Pupil must attend school regularity. Absence from school for reason other than illness or serious unforeseen circumstance will not be excused.
  6. A student who has been absent on the previous day will not be permitted to attend class without the permission of the Class Teacher.
  7. A student suffering from the following diseases must observe the specified period of quarantine before returning to class :
    (a) Chicken pox - Till complete falling of the scabs.
    (b) Chorela - Till the child is completely well.
    (c) Measles - Two weeks after rash disappears.
    (d) Mumps - Until the swelling has gone.
    (e) Whooping - Six weeks.
  8. A student who has recovered from any contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate of fitness to resume the classes.
  9. Leave may granted by the Principal on a written application from the parent.
  10. Students are required to make up the work missed during the period of their absence.
  11. Re Examination / Re -Tests will not be held for the students who remain absent in any of the Examination or tests.
  12. No student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the school authorities.
  13. Leave for half day should not be asked for security reasons. In emergency if a student needs to go out of the school premises, parents should came to school to collect their child.
  14. All students must be present on the opening day after any vacation.
  15. Absence for more than three days immediately after a vacation may result in his / her name being struck off the rolls.
  16. 75% attendance is compulsory for the students from classes IX-XII and 80% attendance is needed for others. Admit Card and Promotion is liable to be refused if they fail to meet this criteria. Students having 100% attendance will receive Merit Certificates.
  17. Students must bring the books required daily, They must bring tiffin from home. After a student enters the school, the staff at the gate will not accept books, stationery or tiffin to be handed over to any students.
  18. Parents are requested to refer their ward’s almanac and absence record of the word should be maintained properly in the almanac. In case of medical leave of more than 3 days, it is mandatory for the students to submit a medical fitness certificate on joining back. Doing so we ensure that the child in medically fit to join the school and also that the student on medical leaves is still not carrying any contagious disease that can spread that among other students.
  19. If a student is absent for any test she / he will be awarded zero in that test. If a student is absent on the day of the test due to medical reasons, a written application supported by a medical certificate must be submitted on the same day.
  20. Please do not send your ward to school if he /she is not well. Students will not be allowed to attend school or write any examination / test during illness.